Laura is a national trainer in Real Estate Practices, Luxury Property and Technology with presentations in over fifteen states and 7 National Associations.

In July 2014, Laura Duggan was chosen to present at the Success Calls Annual Conference of the Mastermind Network, an organization providing professional training for real estate agents. Over 10,000 real estate agents attended the conference.

Laura Duggan was one of 17 real estate agents across the US to present at a three day virtual on-line training event for real estate agents in March 2014. The Agent Generation Summit reached over 7,200 agents.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers I had time to listen to – this is my second year attending.  My favorite was Laura Duggan this year and last year. Warm Regards.”
– Donna Simon

“I absolutely loved it!!  I was afraid it would be a series of speakers teasing us with general ideas and then pitching us to buy their product to get the “meat” of the information.  But I was wrong!!  Lots of great information….I took tons of notes.  Laura Duggan is my favorite speaker, but I enjoyed most all of them.  I will definitely attend again and recommend to my friends. Well, maybe not.  I don’t want the competition having the same great information 🙂  Thanks so much for organizing it!”
– Amy Shrader

“I liked the uplifting vibe of the whole program.  Other people in my family were listening to the seminars as well, and I think it gives them a better idea of what I’m doing, at what it takes to do this.  My favorite speakers were David Knox, Verl Workman, and Laura Duggan.  Thanks.”
– Nicole Armijo

“First of all, Mike, I want to say that I loved the Agent Success Summit, and want to applaud you for the work you put into it to make it so good. You really impressed me as an interviewer because you always cut right to the chase, with no wasted time, to elicit specific tips and information that would benefit us as agents in the trenches.  There was no fluff, and I appreciated that. The “gifts” provided useful outlines and procedures, as well. I would definitely attend again. My favorite speakers were:  Mike Ferry, Amy Stoehr, Laura Duggan, and Denise Lones. Thanks again.”
– Maureen Harmonay

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this Summit…. Favorite speaker were Laura Duggan, Jackie Levenworth, Mike Ferry, David Knox, and Amy Stoehr. I would definitely like to be included next year. I will certainly recommend it to more of my peers. I have been energized and feel I can’t wait to put some of these systems in place in my business.”
– Susan Blanford

“I loved what I had time to listing to.  Loved Mike Ferry and Laura Duggan.  Wish I’d had more time.”
– Geri Sonkin

“Thank you!  This was my second year of registration to the Agent Success Summit and I have gotten some important insights from your speakers. I also found Mike Ferry, Laura Duggan, and Denise Lones to be quite interesting.”
– Arleen Richartz

“The Success Summit exceeded all expectations!  I really enjoyed Laura, Verl, Travis, Denise, Bubba and loved Linda’s book.”
– Carolyn Lassiter

“I enjoyed the speakers who gave concrete information that I can take and implement ASAP! My favorite speakers were Laura Duggan, Verl Workman, Mike Ferry, David Knox, and Dave Jenks.”
– Kina “KiKi” Jefferson

“My favorite part was Mike Ferry and Laura Dugan.”
– Rosie Stephens

“I loved the summit. Great information!  My favorite speaker was Laura Duggan.  Thanks.”
– Jan Seror

“I want to accelerate my growth and minimize my mistakes. These mega agents are exactly what I need. I loved the yin and yang. Specifically, the young Internet savvy moguls like Don Wenner and Curtis Johnson. And conversely, the old school-elegant-classy-experienced agents like Laura Duggan and Melinda Estridge.”
– Celeste Flye

“I listened to the following presentations (some twice) and liked them all. I liked Laura Duggan’s theme of quality over quantity in terms of leads.
– Geoffrey Phelps

“As usual you delivered the goods. Lots of great info. I would attend again and recommend to others. Favoite was Don Wenner and Curtis Johnson. Ron Levy, Leigh Brown, Kenny Klaus, and Laura Duggan were also great.”
– MaryEllen Burleson